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How to Thin Your Paints : Starting to Airbrush Part 3
Friday, 06/24/16 - Learning to thin and mix your normal acrylic paints so you can use them successfully in an airbrush is a bit difficult, but Atom is here in this video to give you some pointers. Read More...
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Underpainting Death - Show and Tell LIVE
Sunday, 06/19/16 - Atom will be going over the primed and highlighted hero units for his Age of Sigmar Death forces, and talk about how he's planning to use underpainting to his advantage and how you can, too. He'll also (of course) be taking your questions about nearly anything wargaming related. Come have fun! Read More...
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How to Quickly Fix Your Slotted Bases
Friday, 06/17/16 - Atom shows you how to quickly fix the holes in your slotted or slotta bases without using putty or green stuff. All you really need is a granola bar. Read More...
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Why Are Wargames Getting Streamlined?
Friday, 06/10/16 - It seems as if most of the big, new wargames like Warmachine, Age of Sigmar, Malifaux and others are getting "streamlined" and Atom wants to help you understand what this means and how it affects you. Read More...
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My Chaos Forces - Show and Tell LIVE
Sunday, 06/05/16 - Atom will be showing (and telling) his painted Chaos forces for Age of Sigmar and talking about where his plans are for the army. Read More...
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Which Army Should You Play?
Friday, 06/03/16 - Atom gets a lot of questions, and one that he hears more than most is: which army should I play? In this video, he'll tell you how to figure it out. Read More...
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How to Paint Lava Bases - Painting With the Pro
Friday, 05/27/16 - Sam Lenz shows us the basics of how to paint lava bases, a technique he used on a commission project of painting Archaon from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Read More...
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More Skeletons! for Age of Sigmar - Build and Chat LIVE
Sunday, 05/22/16 - In this show, I'm going to re-basing a bunch of Games Workshop skeletons that I bought used for Age of Sigmar. Read More...
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Don't Be a Wargaming Hoarder
Friday, 05/20/16 - Atom has too many wargaming miniatures and needs to do something about it. You might also. Find out if you do. Read More...
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Join the Paint Showcase Club!
Sunday, 05/15/16 - Join the Tabletop Minions Paint Showcase Club on Facebook and share photos of your miniatures projects and see other people's projects, as well. Read More...
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