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Farrow vs Legion Hordes Battle Report
Rich and Dan throw down at the FLGS. 50 points and a whole lot of beasts. Read More...
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Episode 10: Teaching Hobby Classes and What Makes a Model Paintable?
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we are joined by AJ Thornton and Lyn Stahl. We talk about how to get into teaching hobby classes and discuss what makes a model paintable. We also talk about creating ooze effects, managing social media and prepping your models. Read More...
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Painting with the WCU Mentors #2
We're doing another hang out with the WCU Mentors again! Come and paint with us! Read More...
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Episode 1 - Welcome to Dark Age
Welcome to Samarian Sunset, a Dark Age Podcast - Your Hosts Nestor Medina and David Serrano talk about Dark Age. A game produced by Cool Mini or Not based on an Alien World called Samaria where living to the end of the day is a struggle and only the strong can survive? Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 22: Brush for Hire
Austin and his wonderful personality join us for a night of fun talking about whatever you guys ask about. As usual. Read More...
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Painting with the WCU Mentors #1
We're kicking it with the WCU Mentors and will also answer questions and stuff. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 21: Just keep painting
MWG Kris joins us to talk a little more on the hobby side of things. Read More...
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How to paint Skaven Clanrat Skryer
How to paint Skaven Clanrat Skryer
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Rubicon Models Tiger Tank
This is a quick showcase video of a German tiger tank I built and painted for my Bolt Action force. It is made by Rubicon Models and was a joy to build, paint and weather. Read More...
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YOU BE THE JUDGE! Draconic Awards People's Choice Award
Cast your vote in tonight!Sign Up/Log In over at http://DraconicAwards.com. Voting starts at 7pm Pacfic Time and Ends at 9am Sunday! Read More...
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Space Marines, Dark Angels and Age of Sigmar
In this vLog babble, we talk about the new Space Marines Codex, Dark Angels Codex and Age of Sigmar. Read More...
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On the table 18
Stuff I'm working on and painting.
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Age of Sigmar
In this video I do a brief overview of the White Dwarf that introduces us to the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I also assemble the model that is included with this magazine. What are your thoughts about Age of Sigmar? Read More...
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2-Minute Tutorial: Painting Wood Plank Base Inserts
We shows just how easy it is to paint our wood plank base inserts. Read More...
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JoeyBerry Reviews Titan Forge: Anvilborne Warriors
This review is brought to you by JoeyBerry and Will Overgard (Isengard) Read More...
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