Miranda's Tutorial - How to Paint a Khador Battlegroup Starter Box

The Terrain Tutor
TheTerrainTutor is a dedicated to helping the community build better battlefields no matter what game they play. As an educational resource for gamers, the channel is organised into playlists covering terrain building basics, 100's of build tutorials, advanced techniques, honest comprehensive product overviews, show reports and much more with live shows every Sunday night answering all your terrain related questions. So whether you're looking to put a few pieces together for your table or you're a fully blow terrainiac, TheTerrainTutor is here to help!
Let's Make - Wooden Yard Fences (Modern Urban Series)
In this Let's Make, we tackle creating backyards on your city boards to help create that gritty behind the streets feel for your modern urban games. We cover a few different construction techniques from simple to detailed, along with a range of painting techniques to make your fences really pop!
Building the Fabled Realms Campaign Map - Introduction
Tuesday, 06/20/17 - The start of an epic feature project to build The Fabled Realms campaign map. In this episode, I introduce what is a dream project for me! Read More...
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Let's Make - Shipping Containers (Modern Urban Series)
Thursday, 06/15/17 - In this Let's Make, we tackle creating shipping containers to bulk up your industrial areas. Read More...
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Let's Make - Pallets, Bags & Boxes (Modern Urban Series)
Tuesday, 06/06/17 - In this Let's Make we scatter up the streets of your modern urban tabletop games with a bit of rubbish. We go through easy techniques to make pallets, bags (bin bags, refuse sacks, garbage bags) and cardboard boxes. Read More...
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Turf War Z Build Overview
Tuesday, 05/30/17 - In this final vid, I go over the up's and down's of the TWZ project, what I learned, what I hoped you learned and what I'll never do again! Read More...
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Product Overview - Studio Miniatures Street Scatter
Thursday, 05/25/17 - In this video, we look at how the resin street scatter was painted up for the TWZ project. Read More...
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My Big 2'x2' Board Lie!
Tuesday, 05/23/17 - It's time to confess! Yes, my 2'x2' boards aren't 2'x2'! But there's a couple of damn good reasons why! Read More...
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Modeling Smoke Damage on MDF Buildings
Thursday, 05/18/17 - As requested, how I did the smoke damage on the Tuft War Z buildings. I cover how I did it with an airbrush and also take you through how to do it with a spray primer and also with a brush and your thumb! Enjoy Terrainiacs! Read More...
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Wednesday in the Studio!
Wednesday, 05/17/17 - Yes, I know I said Tuesday but Kez said I meant Wednesday! .... See you there folks!m Read More...
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Simple Zombie Apocalypse MDF Building Painting Techniques
Tuesday, 05/16/17 - In this video, I take you through the whole process of converting and painting the urban zombie apocalypse buildings. Read More...
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The Cursed Sunday Nighter!
Sunday, 05/14/17 - Sorry folks - this one was plagued with problems and ended early due to an unstoppable windows update! :-( Read More...
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