Miranda's Tutorial - How to Paint a Khador Battlegroup Starter Box

Codex Dan
This channel is me continuing to have fun after my employment with Miniwargaming. I love making videos and connecting with the community. You can expect to see vlogs, live shows, battle reports from varied game systems (Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, and others).
Wargamers Hangout 19: Lock and Load goodies and crowdfunding
We have Brian Saunders as a guest with his new kickstarter and some of the cool pre-release goodies from Lock and Load to talk about.

Check out the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946588239/midknight-heroes-season-0-reboot

Youtube channel:
Cygnar vs Cryx Warmachine BattleReport Ep 22
Monday, 12/12/16 - Steve and Dan have at 'er in a friendly steamroller game at the FLGS. Read More...
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Hordes Battle Report: Minions vs Trolls
Monday, 08/29/16 - Dan and Chris have a fun battle! Sorry about the poor lighting! Read More...
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Mark3! Cygnar vs Circle Warmahordes Battle Report
Monday, 06/20/16 - Hey! I'm back! I hope this can be a regular thing. Bryce and I play a fun game from our fully painted lists. Read More...
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Farrow vs Legion Hordes Battle Report
Friday, 08/28/15 - Rich and Dan throw down at the FLGS. 50 points and a whole lot of beasts. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 22: Brush for Hire
Thursday, 08/20/15 - Austin and his wonderful personality join us for a night of fun talking about whatever you guys ask about. As usual. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 21: Just keep painting
Thursday, 07/30/15 - MWG Kris joins us to talk a little more on the hobby side of things. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 20: Warmachine enthusiasts
Thursday, 06/25/15 - DC from Privateer Press has decided to join us and hangout. We can talk all about Clockwork Phoenix! Also, Miranda just got back from Atlanta and the CMON expo. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 18: Dan at MWG Headquarters
Thursday, 04/30/15 - Dan is in Ontario visiting friends and family and has dropped by MWG for a few days. Live from Dave's Shrine of Chaos. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 17: Tabletop Minions!
Thursday, 04/09/15 - We have Atom on to talk about supporting local events and stores among other random things. :) Read More...
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Thailand and Cambodia 2015
Monday, 04/06/15 - For those of you wondering why I haven't been uploading Batreps. Here is a glimpse of where I've been. Read More...
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