Warhammer 40k Noob Battle Report #1 Tyranids vs RavenGuard

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Spending time with family is one of the most important things in life. This channel is all about a family, and our travels in Wargaming!
Deadzone Batrep - Elite Asterians vs. Elite Forge Fathers (200 pts)
Coach takes his Elite Forge Fathers vs. Hot Dices Elite Asterians. 200 points, Mission 2 from the Infestation Supplement, Acquisition. Enjoy!!!!
Deadzone Battle Report: Rebs vs. Veermym (200 pts)
Wednesday, 07/13/16 - It's a family Battle Royal! Andrew and Coach bring you a Deadzone Batrep. Rebs vs. Veermyn. 200 points, Patrol mission. Father vs Son! Enjoy! Read More...
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Deadzone Monthly - What the F.A.Q did you say???
Saturday, 07/02/16 - Coach and the Deadzone Rules committee get together to discus the recent Deadzone F.A.Q. This will be an in depth look at how the rules committee makes the F.A.Q and why certain rules were changed. You can ask questions live on the Google+ feed. See you there! Read More...
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How to Prevent Spilled Paint Pots
Thursday, 06/30/16 - Coach shows a Quick Tip on how to Prevent Spilled Paint Pots. Enjoy!!! Read More...
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Deadzone Monthly - To Terrain, or not to Terrain, That is the Question
Sunday, 06/26/16 - This month Coach, Jack Rob and the crew talk about all things Deadzone, with a heavy emphasis on Terrain. We also, have a super special guest, Check us out on June, 25 9:00 p.m. E.S.T. Read More...
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What the F.A.Q? Review of the Deadzone v2 F.A.Q.
Sunday, 06/19/16 - Coach goes over the new Deadzone V2 F.A.Q. This video is an in depth look at all the changes, and of course Coach, give his opinion on these changes. Read More...
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How to Make Bullet Holes - Quick and Easy
Saturday, 06/18/16 - Coach shows a quick and easy way to make Bullet Holes on your models. This type of Battle Damage adds quick character to any project. Enjoy! Read More...
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Deadzone Monthly - Everything but Khalishi
Sunday, 05/22/16 - Coach hosts the DZ monthly with Jack and Rob from the DZ Podcast. Special guests and pop ins are on the agenda as well as our thoughts on the recent Kickstarter!!! Come and hang out with us! Read More...
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Deadzone Infestation Suppliment Overview
Friday, 05/20/16 - Coach does a review of the Deadzone Infestation Supplement. He gives an overview of the Fluff, Elite lists and the Missions. Enjoy!!! Read More...
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Deadzone Infestation KS Unboxing
Saturday, 05/14/16 - Andrew and Coach Unbox their Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter. Enjoy!!! Read More...
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Deadzone Batrep - Enforcers vs. Marauders (200 pts)
Friday, 05/06/16 - Coach and Erock Play Deadzone V2! The mission: Search and Destroy. Enjoy!!!! Read More...
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