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I am a miniature wargamer. My primary focus is currently WarMachine though in the past I have played 40K. I create battle reports with a focus on clarity and detail.
WarGamerGirl # 12 KHADOR vs SKORNE Warmachine 35pt Battle Report
WargamerGirl comes at you with another Warmahordes BatRep! This time it's Khador vs Skorne in a 35pt game. They are using the "Incoming" Steamroller Scenario where there are two zones to control and two objective placed.

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WarGamerGirl #09 KHADOR vs CRYX Warmachine 35pt Battle Report
Tuesday, 06/25/13 - WargamerGirl releases a new Warmachine battle report featuring Khador vs Cryx! Check it out! Read More...
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