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Wargamer Girl
I am a miniature wargamer. My primary focus is currently WarMachine though in the past I have played 40K. I create battle reports with a focus on clarity and detail.
Dawn of War 3 Mission 01
Saturday, 05/20/17 - This is the first play through in my Dawn of War 3 series. Read More...
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Vermintide Mission 01
Friday, 05/19/17 - This is the first mission in my ongoing Vermintide "Let's Play" series. With me on this mission are JacktheRipoff, Dylan, and CodexDan. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #28 - Staying Engaged in the Hobby
Thursday, 05/18/17 - Today Dan I and I talk about fitting Wargaming into busy schedules and how we keep the ravages of life from disconnecting us from our beloved hobby. Read More...
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Introducing The Painter Flo
Wednesday, 05/17/17 - Join me in welcoming my friend and commission painter Florinda to the WGG team. Read More...
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No Quarter Issue #71 - Miranda's Superfluous Review
Wednesday, 05/10/17 - I just wanted to chat about the new(ish) issue of No Quarter. In this video I learned how badly I need a new webcam. Read More...
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Product Review! Active Minds XCase
Sunday, 05/07/17 - We were sent a sample of the XCase modular displays from Active Minds Games. Here is our review. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #27 with Special Guests from Wargamer Online
Thursday, 05/04/17 - Join Dan and I as we welcome a newer channel to the Wargaming Community. WargamerOnline is a team of folks from the UK. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #26 New aquisitions!
Thursday, 04/20/17 - Join Dan and I for about an hour and we chat about gaming and such. What new gaming have you been doing? Please tell us in the chat! Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #25 with special guest Tabletop Minions!
Thursday, 04/06/17 - Atom from Tabletop Minions joins us to discuss his adventures at Adepticon. Read More...
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Space Hulk Board Game - Mission 01: Beachhead
Tuesday, 03/28/17 - This is the first in my Space Hulk series. Read More...
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