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40k Team Tournament - Adepticon 2016
Sunday, 04/03/16 - Atom shows you a bunch of footage from the Warhammer 40k Team tournament at Adepticon 2016. Read More...
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Hobby Seminars - Adepticon 2016
Saturday, 04/02/16 - Atom tells you a little about his hobby seminar today learning about Hirst Arts molds for terrain-making. Read More...
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Thursday Night - Adepticon 2016
Friday, 04/01/16 - Atom is back in the hotel after a long day of fun at Adepticon 2016, with plans to do a lot more tomorrow. Read More...
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Infinity Room - Adepticon 2016
Friday, 04/01/16 - Atom stops by the Infinity Room on Thursday night to check out the amazing terrain. Read More...
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And Now We're Here - Adepticon 2016
Thursday, 03/31/16 - Got through the torrential rain and now we're here at Adepticon! Going to shoot some footage soon. Read More...
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Packing Up for the Trip - Adepticon 2016
Thursday, 03/31/16 - Atom's in the studio, packing up all his stuff to head off tomorrow for Adepticon 2016! Read More...
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How to Paint Skin - Painting With the Pro
Friday, 03/25/16 - Pro painter Sam Lenz is back again to teach us how to paint caucasian skin on his barbarian model. Check it and learn! Read More...
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Introduction: Starting to Airbrush Part 1
Friday, 03/18/16 - Due to popular request, Atom tells you the things you need to know when you're thinking about starting to use an airbrush for your miniature wargame painting. Beginners welcome! Read More...
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Should You Support Your Local Game Store?
Friday, 11/07/14 - TableTopMinions brings up a great topic. Do you support your local game shop? Check it out! Read More...
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On GW Digital Editions
Thursday, 11/21/13 - Adam takes some time and talk about the way the Digital Editions from the Game Workshop is handling their relations with their customers. Maybe the company as a whole can take some lessons in this? Read More...
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