Miranda's Tutorial - How to Paint a Khador Battlegroup Starter Box

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Warhammer 40k Eighth Edition Think and Chat LIVE
Atom will be talking about the official announcement about the upcoming new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and what it means for the hobby. He'll also (of course) be taking your questions about nearly anything wargaming related. Come have fun!
?? From ACD Games Day!
Friday, 05/26/17 - Live from ACD Games Day! See what Uncle Atom is up to! Read More...
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Age of Sigmar Skirmish Think and Chat LIVE
Sunday, 05/21/17 - After weeks of Warhammer 40,000 updates and teases for 8th edition, Games Workshop has now announced Age of Sigmar Skirmish comes out next week! Read More...
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Why Don't You Just Start?
Friday, 05/19/17 - Uncle Atom goes on a little bit of a tear (sorry) and tells you why you need to start NOW when it comes to your hobby. Turn off your TV! Read More...
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Concerns About Resin Safety - Uncle Atom's Pro Tips
Friday, 05/12/17 - In this pro tip, Uncle Atom talks about working with resin, the dangers, and how to be safe. Read More...
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So Many New 40k Rules Revealed Think and Chat LIVE
Sunday, 05/07/17 - Games Workshop hasn't stopped revealing new things about 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 since Uncle Atom's last live show, and he'll talk about that and what it means for the company. Read More...
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Do You Think YOU Have Gamer A.D.D.?
Friday, 05/05/17 - Do you suffer from Gamer A.D.D.? Uncle Atom is pretty sure he does. He'll explain what it is, the different forms of it, and how you can (hopefully) 'cure' it if you want. Read More...
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What Is Wargaming's "Local Meta?"
Friday, 04/28/17 - You've heard the term "meta" thrown around in wargaming (or maybe you haven't yet) and you don't know what it means? Uncle Atom has you covered with a quick explanation. Read More...
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Thoughts On Morale in Wargaming Rules
Friday, 04/21/17 - Atom tells you about his thoughts on morale rules in tabletop wargaming, and how his opinions have changed. Read More...
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AdeptiCon 2017: Wrap-Up and (Some) Booty
Friday, 04/14/17 - Atom shows the highlights of the stuff he brought home from his great time at AdeptiCon 2017 and talks about the great time he had. Read More...
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Shadow War: Armageddon Chat LIVE
Sunday, 04/09/17 - Atom will be talking about the newly released Shadow War: Armageddon and his first 1000-point crew (which is already painted). He'll also (of course) be taking your questions about nearly anything wargaming related. Come have fun! Read More...
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