How to Quickly Fix Your Slotted Bases

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Where are we Going? - vLog Babble
Just a quick one on one. Let me know what you seek from this channel to help me figure some stuff out. Miss you guys!
Progeny of the Eternal Blood | The Evercrown Saga | Part 1
Sunday, 05/21/17 - This is the start of my new RPG group and the Evercrown Saga. They group gets hired to play at the Pumpkin Festival at Tensindrel Read More...
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40k 8th: The Phases - Part 2
Friday, 05/19/17 - In this video we go over the phases for 40k 8th and see what changes are coming in those area of the game! Can't wait fro the 8th! Read More...
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40k 8th: Ways to Play, Profiles and more - Part 1
Tuesday, 05/16/17 - Let's talk about 40k 8th and the Ways to Play, Unit Profiles, Weapons and Datasheets! Read More...
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Moving On and Be a WGC Patreon
Monday, 05/15/17 - We're moving along now and an explanation about why become a WGC Patreon. Read More...
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What's Your Story - Gamer Chatter
Thursday, 05/11/17 - In this Gamer Chatter video, share your story! Gaming has a deeper meaning for some of us bringing us some great personal stories. Tell us yours. Read More...
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Where I've Been! New Hobby and Channel
Friday, 10/28/16 - What's been going on and new hobby and channel. Read More...
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Malifaux Mayhem #1 Results
Tuesday, 08/30/16 - The results for our Malifaux Mayhem Online Challenge! Congrats to the winners! Read More...
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People's Choice Voting Guide for Draconic Awards
Thursday, 08/11/16 - A video showing you how to use the People's Choice Voting interface for Draconic Awards. Read More...
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Malifaux Mayhem Online Challenge!
Wednesday, 07/06/16 - We're running a Malifaux paint comp for our WGC Malifaux group! This is our first time using our Online Challenge features of the Draconic Awards website. Come paint with us! Read More...
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9th Age - Equitaine vs Sylvan Elves 2000pts
Tuesday, 07/05/16 - Filip and I get together to do some 9th Age play. Just getting into it and checking it out and I'm liking it. More to come for 9th Age. Read More...
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