What's Coming in 2018 for Tabletop Minions LIVE

Codex Dan
This channel is me continuing to have fun after my employment with Miniwargaming. I love making videos and connecting with the community. You can expect to see vlogs, live shows, battle reports from varied game systems (Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, and others).
Cygnar vs Cryx Warmachine BattleReport Ep 22
Steve and Dan have at 'er in a friendly steamroller game at the FLGS.
Hordes Battle Report: Minions vs Trolls
Monday, 08/29/16 - Dan and Chris have a fun battle! Sorry about the poor lighting! Read More...
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Mark3! Cygnar vs Circle Warmahordes Battle Report
Monday, 06/20/16 - Hey! I'm back! I hope this can be a regular thing. Bryce and I play a fun game from our fully painted lists. Read More...
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Farrow vs Legion Hordes Battle Report
Friday, 08/28/15 - Rich and Dan throw down at the FLGS. 50 points and a whole lot of beasts. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 22: Brush for Hire
Thursday, 08/20/15 - Austin and his wonderful personality join us for a night of fun talking about whatever you guys ask about. As usual. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 21: Just keep painting
Thursday, 07/30/15 - MWG Kris joins us to talk a little more on the hobby side of things. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 20: Warmachine enthusiasts
Thursday, 06/25/15 - DC from Privateer Press has decided to join us and hangout. We can talk all about Clockwork Phoenix! Also, Miranda just got back from Atlanta and the CMON expo. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 19: Lock and Load goodies and crowdfunding
Thursday, 06/11/15 - We have Brian Saunders as a guest with his new kickstarter and some of the cool pre-release goodies from Lock and Load to talk about. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 18: Dan at MWG Headquarters
Thursday, 04/30/15 - Dan is in Ontario visiting friends and family and has dropped by MWG for a few days. Live from Dave's Shrine of Chaos. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 17: Tabletop Minions!
Thursday, 04/09/15 - We have Atom on to talk about supporting local events and stores among other random things. :) Read More...
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Thailand and Cambodia 2015
Monday, 04/06/15 - For those of you wondering why I haven't been uploading Batreps. Here is a glimpse of where I've been. Read More...
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