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Brush 4 Hire
This channel is me continuing to have fun after my employment with Miniwargaming. I love making videos and connecting with the community. You can expect to see vlogs, live shows, battle reports from varied game systems (Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, and others).
Informal Tutorial: Scaly Flesh Experimental
Austin tries some new ideas for making some textured skin out of greenstuff. Try out some of our stencils like Austin did in this video, which you can find in our web store at the link below.
Painting New 40K Compatible Ship Hull Base Inserts
Thursday, 07/13/17 - Austin shows some techniques for painting DRD acrylic base inserts. Read More...
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DRD Live: Shadow War Aramgeddon
Thursday, 04/20/17 - Joe and Austin Talk about SWA, terrain for it and some great chaos models from Evil Craft. Read More...
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DRD Live: Dropfleet PHR Kitbash
Wednesday, 02/01/17 - another live show while we work on some stuff. Read More...
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DRD Live: Painting a Dog
Wednesday, 01/25/17 - Tonight we are painting a Relic Knights Noh Empire Hound of Nozuki and chatting about upcoming events! Read More...
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Help Us Make Some Great New Terrain
Monday, 02/15/16 - We're live! We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce 2 new lines of terrain and help us upgrade equipment to make our products faster, more affordable, and get them into stores near you. Read More...
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How to Paint IN-City Street Base Inserts
Monday, 01/25/16 - Austin Paints shows you how to quickly paint our IN-City Base inserts. Read More...
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Tau vs Ultramarines (1500pt 40k Batrep)
Friday, 01/22/16 - Austin and Justin face off with Ultramarines and Tau in a 1500 point 40K game. Read More...
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Painting: Panociania Orc
Friday, 01/15/16 - Austin Paints a PanOciania Orc for your viewing pleasure. Read More...
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2-Minute Tutorial: Painting Wood Plank Base Inserts
Sunday, 06/28/15 - We shows just how easy it is to paint our wood plank base inserts. Read More...
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Initiation: Wargaming Episode 4 (Tools and Supplies)
Monday, 06/15/15 - Chris and Austin discuss basic hobby tools and their preferences. Read More...
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