Road to LVO 2018 Part 1

Oasis Rising
This is OasisRising and welcome to my channel! I am a painter/gamer making videos about the wonderful hobby of miniature wargaming. Look for several posts each week about my current projects :)
A Dragon Mage Gems Tutorial (Fiery Gems)
OasisRising comes at ya with a simple but effect video showing you how she paints fiery gems. Good quicky for all you out there!

The following are the colors she used:
Base the Gem in Black
Citadel Paints Scab Red
Citadel Paints Evil Sunz Scarlet
Citadel Paints Troll Slayer Orange
Citadel Paints Golden Yellow
Reaver Refresh: Part 2 - How to Paint the Horses
Sunday, 11/02/14 - OasisRising continues her Reavers and in this video she shows you how she paints the horses. Read More...
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Reaver Refresh: Part 1 - Introduction to Re-painting Her Reavers
Thursday, 10/30/14 - Follow along OasisRising's venture into re-painting her Reavers. She'll go over various parts and how she paints various different colors. Read More...
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