How to Quickly Fix Your Slotted Bases

Engineer Jeff
I paint miniatures and scale models. You'll see model and hobby reviews, how to paint tutorials, and showcases of models I paint, all injected with a healthy dose of random geeky goodness.
Hobby 101 Brush Selection
Hi modelers! In this video I'll discuss my brush selection choices and the reasons why. Hopefully it helps inform you to make a good decision when purchasing your own hobby arsenal. I also talk about my upcoming videos and what is in store for the channel, so stick around to the end! Subscribe and share this video along to your friends!

Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes


Badger Stynylrez Primer

Badger Patriot Airbrush (great for beginners)

The compressor I use, the Badger 910!
http://amzn.to/1OI24pm Music: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/memories-with-you
Vlog #4 What is up
Sunday, 02/19/17 - In this video I'm talking about the last two weeks o hacking up a lung-fun. I've picked up some new dice, a book or two, and am finalizing my Patreon page. Read More...
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Paizo Pathfinder Curse of the Crimson Throne Pawns Review
Saturday, 02/04/17 - This review is all about the Pathfinder Curse of the Crimson Throne pawn set. I recommend this pawn set if you have picked up the new revised Curse of the Crimson Throne book. Read More...
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Hobby 101 Paint Selection
Saturday, 01/28/17 - Another video hits the YouTubes for Engineer Jeff as I talk about some of the paint selection choices I've made during the last 15-16 years of being in the miniature painting hobby. Read More...
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How to Paint a Reaper Bones Cave Troll
Friday, 01/20/17 - In this long awaited video, I show you how I painted one of my Reaper Bones Cave Trolls. I had a blast painting this model and I hope you will enjoy painting one as much as I did. Read More...
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What Motivates You
Sunday, 12/25/16 - In this video I'm fielding some questions that I've received over the last few years and giving a recap of 2016. I've got some lofty goals for my channel in 2017. Read More...
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I've got something to say
Friday, 11/04/16 - In this video I'm going over this last week's activities, and telling you about some upcoming projects I've got lined up. Read More...
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Pathfinder Pawns Monster Codex Review
Tuesday, 10/25/16 - In this video I'm back to reviewing the Paizo pawn sets. This review is all about the Pathfinder Monster Codex box and it's contents. Read More...
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Genestealer Cults, Tyranids, and a Contest
Friday, 10/14/16 - I've also been busy working on Tyranids and Genestealer Cults. I'm having a contest/giveaway from now until Oct 31, 2016 where all you have to do is be a subscriber and comment on this video. Read More...
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How To Make a Snow Base for Miniatures
Sunday, 09/18/16 - In this video we're following up our custom base build and giving the base a snowy look! This is how I have made snow bases for the last few years when I'm going for a winter feel for my bases. Read More...
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How To Make a Custom Base For Miniatures
Monday, 09/12/16 - In this tutorial I'll show you how I make a custom base for my miniatures. It is relatively simple and easy to do! Read More...
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