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Light-hearted wargaming discussion and battle reports, spanning various game systems. Live interactive Age of Sigmar show every Tuesday.
Logic Behind Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Changes Part 2 - 2D6 Sunday
Here is part two of my live discussion.
Latest On 40k Rules, Primaris Marines, Community Rage - 2D6 Friday #30
Friday, 05/19/17 - Time to look at the latest developments and give my thoughts on them. Read More...
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Stormcast Eternals vs Skaven Clan Skryre - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Battle Report (Featuring Jeff)
Monday, 05/15/17 - The legendary Chimera, known to many as Jeff, has stolen something valuable to Clan Skryre, and he intends to trick them into battling the Stormcast Eternals for his amusement. What a douche. Read More...
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Kings Of War Battle Report - Goblins vs Rhordia Halflings
Friday, 05/12/17 - The return of Halfling Pete to the world of wargaming comes in the form of a 2000 point game, in the Invade scenario, pitting his Halflings against Andy's Goblins. Read More...
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Khemtrails - Andy & Rem Show #87 (Warhammer Age Of Sigmar)
Tuesday, 05/09/17 - Rem is back, and it's time to continue looking at flying Duardin. Read More...
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Deadzone Tournament Report - Incident on Canaan Delta-12
Monday, 05/08/17 - Time to deeply analyse my performance at this weekend's tournament. Read More...
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"My Best Work" - Deadzone Fiction
Friday, 05/05/17 - A short story set in the Deadzone universe. Written and narrated by me. Deal with it. Read More...
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What I Painted This Month (April 2017)
Thursday, 05/04/17 - Worm or Wyrm? You decide.
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Is Warscroll Card Text Too Small To Read? (Age Of Sigmar)
Wednesday, 05/03/17 - It is widely reported that the text on AoS warscroll cards is tiny and difficult to read, but is this fact or fiction? Read More...
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Kings Of War Battle Report - Ogres vs Dwarfs
Monday, 05/01/17 - Armour-clad Ogres attempt to disrupt a Dwarven mining operation. 2000 points, using the Secure scenario from the Clash of Kings supplement. Read More...
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Logic Behind Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Changes Part 1 - 2D6 Sunday
Sunday, 04/30/17 - I give my thoughts on all the confirmed rules changes for the new 40k, and give my input on GW's logic behind each alteration. Read More...
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