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Andy 2d6
Light-hearted wargaming discussion and battle reports, spanning various game systems. Live interactive Age of Sigmar show every Tuesday.
Weird World War - 2D6 Friday #11
Friday, 08/26/16 - Along with Dready, I shall be discussing the weird world war genre, including current games such as Panzerfauste and Konflikt 47. Read More...
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Golden Demon, AoS Open Day, Painting (Feat. Amy Snuggs) - Andy & Rem Show #62
Tuesday, 08/23/16 - This week we are joined by multi-time Golden Demon finalist Amy Snuggs, as we discuss this year's competition. We'll also be talking about painting Stormcast. Read More...
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Painting Techniques & Improvements - 2D6 Friday #10
Friday, 08/19/16 - I will be talking about my progress as a painter, and looking at some shiny new stuff. Read More...
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Andy & Remgate Wars - Andy & Rem Show #61
Tuesday, 08/16/16 - This week we'll be talking about our plans to outdo the Season of War with our own interactive campaign, The Andy & Remgate Wars. We'll also be covering the rest of this week's AoS goodness. Read More...
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What I Painted This Month - July 2016
Monday, 08/15/16 - A very grey month, indeed.
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Free Stuff & Sponsorships - 2D6 Friday #9
Friday, 08/12/16 - I'll be talking about the environment of wargaming companies giving out free stuff for promotional purposes, covering the pros and cons. Read More...
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Unboxing Deadzone Version 2 (Plus Infestation)
Friday, 08/12/16 - I compare this starter box to the previous edition's starter box, plus a look at Infestation. Read More...
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Playing With Points - Andy & Rem Show #60
Tuesday, 08/09/16 - This week we'll be talking about our first time using the points and scenarios from the General's Handbook, among other juicy topics. Read More...
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Bonesplitterz vs Duardin - Age Of Sigmar Battle Report
Saturday, 08/06/16 - A battle for Ur-Gold, with a scenario and forces balanced by the General's Handbook. Read More...
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Tournament Culture & Etiquette - 2D6 Friday #8
Friday, 08/05/16 - Tonight I talk about tournament culture, and my experiences within it. Read More...
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