How to Quickly Fix Your Slotted Bases

Nessie Knows
Your host Nestor Medina brings you closer to the games that spark his interest. From Infinity, Malifaux, and Dark Age to Board Games like Ninja All Stars, Super Dungeon Explore and other board games as well. He wont go it alone as he will be sure to bring others on the journey who show interest in the games as well....because there is one thing he is certain of....Nessie Knows an adventure is best shared with others.
Nessie Knows - Shock Army of Acontecimento Part I
First Step as I get ready for my Shock Army is getting their bases ready. If you have seen the ones I have for Stephen Rao and his Bagh-Mari then you know I am using the Meso Tech bases from Death Ray Designs.

These are layer acrylic base toppers and in the video I show the ones I am using for the starter box. These will match also with the Tikbilangs squadron I have and the rest of the army as I build them.
Nessie Knows - Aristeia!: Unboxing
Tuesday, 10/24/17 - Nessie got his box for Aristeia! The new board game by Corvus Belli and he opens it up showing off the contents. This is the first of the videos that he will be doing covering the new board game including demos and more. Read More...
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Shock and Awe - Episode 4 - Battlehaven 2017
Wednesday, 10/04/17 - Shock and Awe is back and this time they are both at the same location, Battlehaven 2017. Nestor and Shannon spent the four day event playing games like Splendor and Scythe. Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Attempting to paint...no seriously...I am gonna try....
Saturday, 09/16/17 - Nessie will be attending BattleHaven 2017 this year and will be working on his Haqqislam Demo Army from Red Veil. Tonight his goal will be working on and at least finishing one of the Ghulams and starting the others. Read More...
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GenCon Infinity Seminar 2017 - Part II
Monday, 08/21/17 - After Facebook live killed the live stream after 60 Min. I was able to continue on a different live stream on Facebook for WGC Infinity. I was able to catch the start of the Haqqislam new Hassassin Bahram Starter. Enjoy Read More...
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Gencon Infinity Seminar - Part I
Monday, 08/21/17 - Gencon 50 was a good time for myself and the others with me. One of those great moment was the Infinity Seminar at GenCon. Here is the first part that I recorded for FaceBook Live. Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Brief movie review
Thursday, 06/22/17 - Nessie with his special cohost Sophie discuss Guardians of the Galaxy and Wonder Woman and plans for the summer. Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Dark Imperium Episode #1
Monday, 06/19/17 - Hi everyone. I just got the New Dark Imperium box set to mark the release of Warhammer 40K 8th edition. I briefly open the box and discuss the contents of the box as well as the Index Imperium 1 book. Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Strikezone: Wotan - Ariadna Vs. Onyx
Saturday, 06/17/17 - I got a game in today to play against Ken and his Ariadna. We had a great game and lots of shooting. The mission was on Firefight with the CQB special rule (+1 Damage to template weapon). Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Strikezone: Wotan -Game 2. Onyx vs Military Orders
Friday, 06/02/17 - Game 2 of Strikezone : Wotan has my Onyx Contact Force against my buddy Chris and his Military Orders. His Seraph and Joan of arc were the big threats next to the Order Sgt link team. Read More...
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Nessie Knows - Strikezone: Wotan Game 1
Thursday, 06/01/17 - The EI struck against USARF at the La Forja Mobile Shipyard Control Deck. Here is a quick collage of all the pics I took during the game. Onyx vs USARF with a 10-1 victory. Thanks Brian for the match. Read More...
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