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Metahead Mini's
Metalhead Minis Commissioned Miniature Painting and Consignment was established in July of 2009. Over the years, what started out as one person just painting miniatures has become a full-fledged painting service for other companies and clients all over the world! Services include:
Privateer Press - Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast Collector Bust!
Saturday, 04/09/16 - Here, we take a look at the Queen of the Broken Coast bust that I received in the mail the other day! Read More...
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Let's Talk About IC-2000 Rubber Toughened Glue!
Tuesday, 03/29/16 - Here is a product demo and review of IC-2000 Rubber Toughened Glue (a.k.a- Tire Glue). Great when looking for a strong hobby glue. So far in my experience, it has proven awesome and we use it here in the shop as well. Read More...
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Getting Into The Business of Commission Painting - The Real 411
Tuesday, 03/15/16 - On Sunday Night 03/13/2016 Lyn was asked to do a Google Hangout to talk to hobbyist's about getting into the business of Commission Painting. If you are thinking about doing the same thing, get the real 411 here. Read More...
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Models Workshop Painting With Your Off Hand Challenge!
Monday, 03/07/16 - Fellow Painter Jillian Walker, just had surgery done on her main painting hand. At first, she was worried about how it was going to affect her painting. At one point, she was afraid she would have to quit painting. However, we were not going to allow her to stop. Yeji from Models Workshop came up with the idea of making this a challenge to keep Jillian encouraged. A bunch of us from the group joined. Read More...
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Let's Talk About TABLEWAR Cases!- Demo and Review.
Thursday, 02/18/16 - A demo and review of the TABLEWAR mini and TABLEWAR half sized display towers. Great for competition painters, table top wargaming tournament players, or miniature gamers and collectors who just want a top notch case to hold their models in. Read More...
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Welcome To The Las Vegas Open!
Sunday, 02/07/16 - Check out the Las Vegas Open located at Bally's Hotel and Casino! Main focus: Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, and Malifaux tournaments. Read More...
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Check out Tombstone, Arizona!
Thursday, 02/04/16 - While on the road trip to LVO in Vegas, today I managed to cross something off of my bucket list and wanted to take a minute to share with you guys! Read More...
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Let's Talk About The Robart Paint Shaker!
Saturday, 01/30/16 - In this video we discuss the Robart Paint Shaker, what it is, how to use it, how to order, etc. We also discuss the importance of shaking your paints regularly. Read More...
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Save Money and Stay Healthier While Traveling and Going to Conventions!
Friday, 01/22/16 - Love traveling and going to conventions, but hate spending so much? Here are ways to save and also stay healthier! Read More...
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Testing out video upload and shop shenanigans.
Saturday, 01/09/16 - Tim from Build Paint Play has come to pay us a visit. He has brought shenanigans with him as always, but he's our Tim and we love him. Read More...
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