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How to Get Started with 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000
Friday, 06/16/17 - So you've decided to jump into the new 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000 and start playing. But how should you start? What do you need to play? Uncle Atom is here with answers. Read More...
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Should You Get Warhammer 40k Eighth Edition?
Friday, 06/09/17 - Uncle Atom's been looking over the new 8th edition rules and starter box for Warhammer 40k (available June 17, 2017) and tells you why you might want to take a look at the game yourself when it hits stores. Read More...
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Tabletop Minions Expo LIVE
Sunday, 06/04/17 - Live show from the 2nd day of the Tabletop Minions Expo. Hopefully. First time trying the live show on location. Read More...
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Is Painting Your Miniatures a Chore?
Friday, 06/02/17 - Do you find that it's a chore to paint your minis? Do you dread it? Put it off? Atom talks about what might be causing that and how you can start to fix it. Read More...
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How Do You Improve Your Miniatures Painting?
Friday, 05/26/17 - Sure, everyone wants to paint better, but how to you actually do it? Atom tries to give you a framework to help you improve and make #lesscrappyminis Read More...
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?? From ACD Games Day!
Friday, 05/26/17 - Live from ACD Games Day! See what Uncle Atom is up to! Read More...
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Age of Sigmar Skirmish Think and Chat LIVE
Sunday, 05/21/17 - After weeks of Warhammer 40,000 updates and teases for 8th edition, Games Workshop has now announced Age of Sigmar Skirmish comes out next week! Read More...
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Why Don't You Just Start?
Friday, 05/19/17 - Uncle Atom goes on a little bit of a tear (sorry) and tells you why you need to start NOW when it comes to your hobby. Turn off your TV! Read More...
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Concerns About Resin Safety - Uncle Atom's Pro Tips
Friday, 05/12/17 - In this pro tip, Uncle Atom talks about working with resin, the dangers, and how to be safe. Read More...
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So Many New 40k Rules Revealed Think and Chat LIVE
Sunday, 05/07/17 - Games Workshop hasn't stopped revealing new things about 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 since Uncle Atom's last live show, and he'll talk about that and what it means for the company. Read More...
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