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A channel dedicated to the painting and modelling side of miniature wargaming, whether it be Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity, or any other models which interest me.
Painting with Jay: Ep 91 - Where did the Summer go?!?!?!
Thursday, 09/21/17 - In this episode, Jay continues to work on an Ork Big Mek. Read More...
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Jays Vlog: Week 21 (September 4 2017) - It's a Full Pull!
Wednesday, 09/13/17 - Jay's vlog has returned. Watch as he goes on some weird adventures. Read More...
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My Complete Review of the New 8th Edition Grey Knights Codex
Sunday, 08/13/17 - In this video, Jay gives a review of the entire new Grey Knights Codex. Read More...
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Miniature Painting 101: Part 135 - Basics of Layering
Tuesday, 08/08/17 - In this episode, Jay shows the basics of layering. Read More...
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The New Redemptor Dreadnought IS AWESOME!!!
Tuesday, 08/01/17 - In this part, Jay discusses the elite Choices of the New SPace Marine Codex. Read More...
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Why 8th Ed Space Marine Scouts are better than Intercessor Squads
Monday, 07/31/17 - In this part, Jay discusses the Space Marine Troops and Dedicted transports section of the new Space Marine Codex. Read More...
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The New Space Marine Strategems are CRAZY!!!!
Sunday, 07/30/17 - In this video, Jay discusses the new Strategems for Space Marines. Read More...
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How Space Marine HQ's Just Got Better
Saturday, 07/29/17 - In part 2 of his in-depth review of the new Space Marines Codex, Jay discusses the HQ section. Read More...
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My First Impressions of the New Space Marines Codex
Saturday, 07/29/17 - In part 1 of an in depth review of the new, 8th edition Space Marine Codex, Jay goes over his first impressions and the new warlord traits, psychic powers and chapter tactics. Read More...
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Painting with Jay: Episode 90 - The Big Move!
Wednesday, 07/12/17 - In this episode, Jay finishes up some Ork Burna Boyz and discusses his recent move. Enjoy and Paint along. Read More...
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