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Skirmish Supremacy
Skirmish Supremacy is a podcast dedicated to Wargaming, board games, and RPGs with an emphasis on smaller/indie developers and banter.
SSX: Weekend Game Over #1!
Nick takes the lead on a Skirmish Supremacy Extra SSX called Weekend Game Over where we will be talking about our games that we are playing.
Skirmish Supremacy Episode 29: WGC's Chung Chow
Friday, 08/19/16 - Chung FINALLY comes and banters with us on the podcast It is about time Listen...
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Skirmish Supremacy Episode 28: Flight Medic Painting with Robert Dare
Friday, 08/12/16 - Nick is left to his own devices when he sits and talks with Robert Darefsky owner/operator of Flight Medic Painting. Listen...
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Skirmish Supremacy Episode 27: Broken Contract with Nick Baran
Thursday, 08/04/16 - We are back and chatting with Nick Baran idea man and game designer behind the successfully funded Scifi skirmish game/board game/RPGish hybrid Broken Contract Listen...
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Tim's Table Time #1: American Team Championships
Tuesday, 08/02/16 - Whew What a week Prepping all of the companies that I work with for Gen Con pushed this back a bit I recorded this on the way to work so I apologize for the hollow sound to it Listen...
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Skirmish Supremacy Episode 26: Getting Wild in the Streets with Chris
Thursday, 07/28/16 - Chris Kohler joins us to talk about his new altculture skirmish game "Wild in the Streets". Listen...
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Skirmish Supremacy Episode 25: RPG Crate with Chris Hinson
Monday, 07/25/16 - Nick and I banter on about current and classic RPGs with Chris Hinson, founder of RPG Crate. Listen...
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SSX: Weekend Game Over #2
Wednesday, 07/13/16 - Weekend Game Over 2 More of Nick babbling about games. Listen...
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Skirmish Supremacy Episode 24: Enter the Deadzone with Pat Lewis
Thursday, 07/07/16 - Tonight Nick and I talk with Pat Lewis, head of the Pathfinder volunteer program for Mantic Games. We discuss all things Deadzone, 20, their revamp on the rules to make it more streamlined and faster to play. We also talk a bit about Kings of War and upcoming releases from Mantic Mantic Games. Listen...
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Skirmish Supremacy Episode 23: Uncovering RelicBlade With Sean Sutter
Monday, 07/04/16 - As I am caught up in work meetings all week, Nick goes at it alone with Sean Sutter of Metal Kings Studio to talk about the launch of RelicBlade. Listen...
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Skirmish Supremacy Episode 22: Armoured Syndicate with Ben Jarvis
Tuesday, 06/28/16 - I fly solo tonight with Ben Jarvis from Megaton Games to talk about his new game currently on Kickstarter "Armoured Syndicate". Learn what the Wild West future with angry Mechs looks like. Listen...
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