Episode Four: Death Ray Designs
Nick is out and about with his family enjoying Florida so Tim flies solo and chats with our good friend Austin at Death Ray Designs We discuss his Kickstarter going on right now as well as all of the products he has for sale We also banter on a bit about the hobby talking about Infinity our love of smaller skirmish games and 40k httpdeathraydesignscomhttpswwwkickstartercomprojectsbrush4hireblacksitexandrapidvanguardterrainbydeathrrefnavsearch Read More...
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Episode Three: Awaken Realms
On this episode we talk with Marcin owner of Awaken Realms in Poland about his company and his current Kickstarter for objective markers and terrain called Awakening. He also mentions his game called "The Edge" but that will have to be saved for another episode. Read More...
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Episode 4 - A New Episode
Finally after a long break due to new job, illness, holidays, Dave and Nestor fill the airwaves with new info. They discuss the FAQ 2016 Document, the new March to Immortality 2016 Document and the winners of the painting contest. Read More...
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Episode Two: WarGamerGirl Miranda Bourke
We sit and talk with Miranda about how she builds her videos on YouTube and the work that goes into it. I also get harassed about not seeing Deadpool yet while Nick constantly struggles with his mic. Read More...
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Episode One: Channel Introduction
Welcome to the first episode of Skirmish Supremacy. I am joined by my cohost Nick Bogart as we talk a bit about the channel what games we are excited for and what we have on our project lists. We strive to do something a bit different than most gaming podcasts by telling you more about what we do in our real lives as well. Read More...
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Episode 12: A Completely Random Episode
In this episode, we sit down with Chung, Caleb, Lyn and AJ for a completely random episode. From hobby talk to motor boating to butthole tatoos. Read More...
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Episode 3 - Explosive Results and General FAQ
Dave and Nestor discuss the October Releases, Brush4Hires new terrain; Rust Pointe, go over the General FAQ as well as talk about the March to Immortality scenario Explosive Result. Read More...
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Episode 2 - Slaughtering Fields Battle Report
In this episode Dave and Nestor discuss the latest releases for Dark Age, the release of the FAQs, as well as the newest patch for play testing. They discuss their battle and some other juicy details on Slaughtering Field. Read More...
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Episode 11: All About Airbrushing
Chung Chow, Caleb Wissenback and Lester Bursley sits down for a whopping 2 1/2 hour episode to talk about airbrushing. We cover why one would get an airbrush, vs. tradition brush, PSI and shooting distance, trigger control, thinning paints, color changes and cleaning and much more! Read More...
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Episode 10: Teaching Hobby Classes and What Makes a Model Paintable?
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we are joined by AJ Thornton and Lyn Stahl. We talk about how to get into teaching hobby classes and discuss what makes a model paintable. We also talk about creating ooze effects, managing social media and prepping your models. Read More...
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Episode 1 - Welcome to Dark Age
Welcome to Samarian Sunset, a Dark Age Podcast - Your Hosts Nestor Medina and David Serrano talk about Dark Age. A game produced by Cool Mini or Not based on an Alien World called Samaria where living to the end of the day is a struggle and only the strong can survive? Read More...
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Episode 9: Let's Rust and Talk About Paint
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we are joined by the great AJ Thornton. We hit the topics on rusting and about the different paints out there and their differences. We also tackle mediums and varnishes and primers and how to prime. It's a heck of an episode! Read More...
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Episode 8: Tell Your Story and Paint Brushes
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we talk about painting horns and bone like objects, telling a story with your piece, paint brushes and we also revisit color blindness. Hank Hill also comes on by to talk hobby! Special guests Craig Brooks and Mike Hammett joins in on the fun! Read More...
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Episode 7: On the Mic with Mary Profitt
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we're sitting with Mary covering various topics including thinking outside of the basic rules of techiques, Facing the crowd at large events if you're more of an introvert, running a commission business, taking normal everyday things and being creative with it and dealing with painters burnout! Have a listen! Read More...
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Episode 6: New and Revised: All Hobby, All the Time
We're relaunching the podcast! New and revised for the hobby related side of things. In this episode we talk about what the journeyman compeition is about for the draconic awards, who is Caleb Wissenback, different types of blending, handicaps that affect your painting and a little about painting to maximize your tournament score. Read More...
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