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Painting Cracks and Weathering
January 16, 2015 by ExiledAT
Hey everyone, following up the Painting Red tutorial with another popular request! Today we’re going to take a look at painting chips and cracks on armor!

We’ll continue on the Blood Angel Dreadnought we’ve been working on lately!

For this tutorial I use four paints:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Menoth White Highlight
  • Brown

Step 1

I begin by marking out where I want to have the cracks and chips with pure yellow using a fine brush.

Step 2

I then create depth by applying black above the cracks. The yellow will serve as a highlight. The reason I do the highlight before the actual damage is because it allows me to play with the size of the damage as well as use the highlights to represent lighter scratches that didn’t penetrate deep into the surface.

Step 3

Finally I pick out some of the highlights out with a mix of yellow/menoth white highlight. This just gives more pop to the damage.

I also decided that I needed a larger crack in the armor. Inside to give it more depth I add a highlight of brown into the black.


And the final product can be seen below. The trick with weathering is playing with it till you’re happy with the results. It can be used to create a great table top look or subtle weathering. The key is to keep your highlights thin. If you make your lights to thick then you end up with a strange camo not damage. The other thing is to keep your damage as random as possible. Having constant geometric shapes is not realistic. You want to have a variety of sizes and depths of damage.

Good luck and happy painting everyone!

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About the Author
AJ is an award winning painter from Dallas, Texas. He's been working in the miniature industry for over fifteen years. He is very passionate about miniatures and constantly working to evolve as a painter and player.
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ICleadpeople said:
Posted: Feb 1, 2015

Going to go try this out on my Knight Titan right now.
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