Painting with Jay: Ep 98 - What 2017 Meant for Me

Metahead Mini's
Metalhead Minis Commissioned Miniature Painting and Consignment was established in July of 2009. Over the years, what started out as one person just painting miniatures has become a full-fledged painting service for other companies and clients all over the world! Services include:
How To Zenithal Prime By Airbrush, By Spray Can, And By Hand!
Here is a tutorial on how to do zenithal priming by using an airbrush, a spray can, and by hand. This video will teach you how to create a shadowed undercoat and a highlight undercoat. Great for table top painting, and display painting, especially if you like painting with glazes.
Let's Talk About Andrea Miniatures- Andrea Color Ink Set!
Wednesday, 10/12/16 - Today, we review and demonstrate the Andrea Color Ink Set from Andrea Miniatures. Watch as we show you how the inks look over white primer, over metallics, terrain colors, flesh color, and other colors! Read More...
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FenCon 2016- Dallas/ Fort Worth- Westin Hotel- Irving, Texas Sept 25th!
Tuesday, 09/27/16 - Here are some video clips that I took while at FenCon on Sunday Sept 25th. Read More...
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Austin Scale Model Show, Capitol Classic 2016!
Tuesday, 09/27/16 - Showing you around the Austin Scale Model Show and showing you the competition models in the exhibitor rooms, the vendor rooms, and more! Read More...
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Clash For A Cure- At The Game Closet- Waco, Texas
Monday, 09/19/16 - Clash For a Cure tournament and charity event. All money goes toward the American Cancer Society. Read More...
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UNBOXING: Milosh Approved Miniatures, 54mm Cindy Justice!
Monday, 09/12/16 - Unboxing of the 54mm Milosh Approved resin model. Also available in 75-80mm sizes. Read More...
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Geek Fest 2016- Central Texas College, Killeen, Texas
Sunday, 08/14/16 - In this video, I show you around a bit at Geek Fest to see what its about. There are all kinds of geeky goodness: a large vendor hall, food trucks, D&D, pathfinder, a lot of cosplay, anime, board gaming, and lots more! Read More...
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GenCon 2016- Indianapolis Convention Center!
Sunday, 08/07/16 - Here are some video clips from GenCon 2016 that I managed to capture in between teaching classes. Read More...
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EXPERIMENT: Checkered Design Nail Art Stencils for Orkz: Can it Work?
Friday, 07/29/16 - I was on the app "Wish" looking for items that can be used in the hobby. I happened to find a large variety of nail art stencils that can be used on 28mm, 54mm, GW vehicles and more! Read More...
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KantCon 2016- Overland Park Convention Center, Kansas.
Saturday, 07/23/16 - Hey Peeps, showing you around the KantCon convention. Sorry if I don't talk much in the video, I'm not feeling well. I also forgot a few times to flip the phone over when taking video, but you get the idea. :). Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Quick Tip- Keeping a Painting Journal!
Monday, 07/11/16 - A while back we did a post on the Metalhead Minis page about keeping a painting journal. However, I know that some people appreciate videos also because it can explains things better and in more detail. Read More...
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