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Wargamer Girl
I am a miniature wargamer. My primary focus is currently WarMachine though in the past I have played 40K. I create battle reports with a focus on clarity and detail.
Miranda on Media Glitch
In addition to creating content for WarGamer Girl, I've joined the cast of the Albuquerque TV show, Media Glitch.

Check out my Conan Exiles game review here: https://youtu.be/eOAQ3n91_pk
Miranda likes STORYverse
Wednesday, 12/06/17 - This group talked to me awhile back about this idea and I found it really exciting. The basic gist is that Storyverse is an app that makes interactive stories in a choose-your-own-adventure fashion - but not in the way you remember as a kid. These stories are way more in depth and can be read from multiple different character perspectives. The Kickstarter is running here: http://kck.st/2iZOloE Read More...
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Miranda Goes to BlizzCON 2017
Friday, 11/17/17 - This was my first time at Blizzcon and it was amazing! Read More...
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Strangelight Workshop: Wicked Ways book review
Thursday, 10/26/17 - This is my review for the Strangelight Workshop: Wicked Ways anthology. It takes place in the world of the Iron Kingdoms and the stories include tales of the Grymkin! Read More...
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Grymkin v Khador After Battle Report
Thursday, 10/05/17 - After Battle Discussion for the Khador v Grymkin 50pt Battle Report. Spoiler Alert! Make sure you watch the battle report before watching this discussion. Read More...
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Khador v Grymkin 50pt Battle Report - Warmachine & Hordes
Thursday, 10/05/17 - Watch as I fight against the Grymkin Battle Box. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #37 - A theme force by any other name is just as broken.
Thursday, 10/05/17 - Join Dan and I as we discuss the massive theme force drop. Oh, and Valhalla in the Fall is this weekend! Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #36 - Sorscha 3 and Caster Iterations
Thursday, 09/07/17 - Join Codex Dan and I as we chat about the new concept art for Sorscha 3 and the mixed reactions it has gotten. Also some general chat about the direction new Warcasters have been taking. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #35 - Paint and Chat
Thursday, 08/24/17 - Join Dan and I as we catch up on much needed painting and chat about things going on in the wargaming world. Read More...
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Vermintide Mission 12
Friday, 08/18/17 - WargamerGirl plays Vermintide. This is Mission 12 in this play series. Read More...
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Writers Panel with Patrick Rothfuss, Rachel Caine, and A G Howard at AMA-Con
Thursday, 08/17/17 - Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men: Moral Choices and Character Development Read More...
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