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Wargamer Girl
I am a miniature wargamer. My primary focus is currently WarMachine though in the past I have played 40K. I create battle reports with a focus on clarity and detail.
Wargamer's Hangout #23 Grymkin and Community Integrated Development
Today Dan and I discuss the new things happening in Warmachine/Horde. More specifically, the new Grymkin faction for Horde and we chat a bit about Community Integrated Development.
Miranda likes STORYverse
Wednesday, 12/06/17 - This group talked to me awhile back about this idea and I found it really exciting. The basic gist is that Storyverse is an app that makes interactive stories in a choose-your-own-adventure fashion - but not in the way you remember as a kid. These stories are way more in depth and can be read from multiple different character perspectives. The Kickstarter is running here: http://kck.st/2iZOloE Read More...
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Miranda Goes to BlizzCON 2017
Friday, 11/17/17 - This was my first time at Blizzcon and it was amazing! Read More...
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Strangelight Workshop: Wicked Ways book review
Thursday, 10/26/17 - This is my review for the Strangelight Workshop: Wicked Ways anthology. It takes place in the world of the Iron Kingdoms and the stories include tales of the Grymkin! Read More...
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Grymkin v Khador After Battle Report
Thursday, 10/05/17 - After Battle Discussion for the Khador v Grymkin 50pt Battle Report. Spoiler Alert! Make sure you watch the battle report before watching this discussion. Read More...
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Khador v Grymkin 50pt Battle Report - Warmachine & Hordes
Thursday, 10/05/17 - Watch as I fight against the Grymkin Battle Box. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #37 - A theme force by any other name is just as broken.
Thursday, 10/05/17 - Join Dan and I as we discuss the massive theme force drop. Oh, and Valhalla in the Fall is this weekend! Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #36 - Sorscha 3 and Caster Iterations
Thursday, 09/07/17 - Join Codex Dan and I as we chat about the new concept art for Sorscha 3 and the mixed reactions it has gotten. Also some general chat about the direction new Warcasters have been taking. Read More...
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Wargamer's Hangout #35 - Paint and Chat
Thursday, 08/24/17 - Join Dan and I as we catch up on much needed painting and chat about things going on in the wargaming world. Read More...
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Vermintide Mission 12
Friday, 08/18/17 - WargamerGirl plays Vermintide. This is Mission 12 in this play series. Read More...
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Writers Panel with Patrick Rothfuss, Rachel Caine, and A G Howard at AMA-Con
Thursday, 08/17/17 - Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men: Moral Choices and Character Development Read More...
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