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Age of Sigmar General's Handbook - Read and Chat LIVE
Sunday, 07/31/16 - Atom will be expanding on his Friday video and talk more about the General's Handbook for Age of Sigmar. Should you be interested? Read More...
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Age of Sigmar General's Handbook - What I Think
Friday, 07/29/16 - Atom takes a quick spin through the new Warhammer; Age of Sigmar General's Handbook and explains the things he likes and then things he doesn't. Read More...
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Are You Old Enough for Historical Wargaming?
Friday, 07/22/16 - Atom talks about the age limit for historical wargaming, and discusses a few games that are great transitions and intro into historical wargaming. Read More...
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Frostgrave Warband Converting - Show and Tell LIVE
Sunday, 07/17/16 - Atom will be showing some of his conversion work that he's been putting into his Frostgrave warbands and tell you how he did it. Read More...
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How to Weather Sci-Fi Terrain - Painting With the Pro
Friday, 07/15/16 - In this video, award-winning pro-painter Sam Lenz is back to show us how to easily weather your sci-fi terrain with an airbrush and some other items around the house. Read More...
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Going Forward and Gen Con News - VLOG
Wednesday, 07/13/16 - Atom chats about his new job, how it'll effect the channel, Gen Con, and a few other quick things. Read More...
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Who Is the Grandfather of Tabletop Wargaming?
Friday, 07/08/16 - Atom looks back in time to talk about the man who is widely regarded as the person who invented modern tabletop wargaming which we all love so much. Read More...
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New Terrain Projects - Show and Tell LIVE
Sunday, 07/03/16 - Atom will be showing some of his work-in-progress terrain pieces that he's working on this summer. He'll also (of course) be taking your questions about nearly anything wargaming related. Come have fun! Read More...
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Using Audio to Help Your Hobby Progress
Friday, 07/01/16 - Atom talks about how finding the right audio can really help your hobby motivation and keep you painting more miniatures. Read More...
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10 Picks for May 2016 - Tabletop Minions Paint Showcase Club
Sunday, 06/26/16 - Check out ten awesome picks that were submitted to the Paint Showcase Club on Facebook during May 2016. Awesome work! Read More...
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