How to Quickly Fix Your Slotted Bases
Deadzone Monthly : V1 vs V2
We get together and discuss Deadzone V1 vs V2. Its time to hobby and hangout. Drop in and hangout!
Progeny of the Eternal Blood | The Evercrown Saga | Part 1
This is the start of my new RPG group and the Evercrown Saga. They group gets hired to play at the Pumpkin Festival at Tensindrel
Dawn of War 3 Mission 01 - WarGamer Girl
This is the first play through in my Dawn of War 3 series.
Warhammer 40K 8th Edition: No More Formations?!
In this video, Jay discusses the changes to detachments and Large Models in Warhammer 40k 8th edition.
40k 8th: The Phases - Part 2
In this video we go over the phases for 40k 8th and see what changes are coming in those area of the game! Can't wait fro the 8th!

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Vermintide Mission 01 - WarGamer Girl
This is the first mission in my ongoing Vermintide "Let's Play" series. With me on this mission are JacktheRipoff, Dylan, and CodexDan. Read More...
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Warhammer 40K 8th Edition: Prepare for the Shooting!!!
In this video, Jay discusses the new rules for the Shooting and Assault phases of Warhammer 40K eighth edition. Read More...
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Thanks Deadzone Podcast and Mantic Troops and Vehicle Proxies
Terrainoholic talks about some Deadzone stuff he's working on. Read More...
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40k 8th: Ways to Play, Profiles and more - Part 1
Let's talk about 40k 8th and the Ways to Play, Unit Profiles, Weapons and Datasheets! Read More...
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Stormcast Eternals vs Skaven Clan Skryre - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Battle Report (Featuring Jeff)
The legendary Chimera, known to many as Jeff, has stolen something valuable to Clan Skryre, and he intends to trick them into battling the Stormcast Eternals for his amusement. What a douche. Read More...
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Kings Of War Battle Report - Goblins vs Rhordia Halflings
The return of Halfling Pete to the world of wargaming comes in the form of a 2000 point game, in the Invade scenario, pitting his Halflings against Andy's Goblins. Read More...
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Deadzone Tournament Report - Incident on Canaan Delta-12
Time to deeply analyse my performance at this weekend's tournament. Read More...
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