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Wargamers Hangout 20: Warmachine enthusiasts
DC from Privateer Press has decided to join us and hangout. We can talk all about Clockwork Phoenix! Also, Miranda just got back from Atlanta and the CMON expo. Read More...
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Episode 9: Let's Rust and Talk About Paint
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we are joined by the great AJ Thornton. We hit the topics on rusting and about the different paints out there and their differences. We also tackle mediums and varnishes and primers and how to prime. It's a heck of an episode! Read More...
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Initiation: Wargaming Episode 4 (Tools and Supplies)
Chris and Austin discuss basic hobby tools and their preferences. Read More...
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Wargamers Hangout 19: Lock and Load goodies and crowdfunding
We have Brian Saunders as a guest with his new kickstarter and some of the cool pre-release goodies from Lock and Load to talk about. Read More...
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Episode 8: Tell Your Story and Paint Brushes
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we talk about painting horns and bone like objects, telling a story with your piece, paint brushes and we also revisit color blindness. Hank Hill also comes on by to talk hobby! Special guests Craig Brooks and Mike Hammett joins in on the fun! Read More...
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Episode 7: On the Mic with Mary Profitt
In this episode of the WGC Podcast, we're sitting with Mary covering various topics including thinking outside of the basic rules of techiques, Facing the crowd at large events if you're more of an introvert, running a commission business, taking normal everyday things and being creative with it and dealing with painters burnout! Have a listen! Read More...
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Initiation: Wargaming Episode 3 (Getting into Malifaux)
Chris talks to Austin about what he's learned about Malifaux so far. Read More...
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Initiation: Wargaming Episode 2 (Wargaming Conventions)
Austin and Chris Discuss Chris Experiences at his first wargaming convention. Read More...
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Modulation and Light Techniques
This is my review of the Modulation & Light Techniques book by Javier Soler via Mig Ammo. Read More...
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Initiation: Wargaming Episode 1 (General Impressions)
Austin chats with Chris, the newest member of the studio, about his recent deep dive into the world of wargaming. Read More...
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Cheap Spray Booth Part II
In this video we take a look at the second cheap spray booth (yeh I know, it's been a while since the first one). This one costs between $70 to $100 and is worth every penny. Read More...
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Hate on Patreon and Forge World Airbrushing Paints
Another Vlog Babble coming at you on FW paints and your thoughts on Patreon and the hate there of. Also of course, Q&A! Read More...
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Creating Rustic Bricks From Aluminum Foil
Mary from Hamster Cage Studio bring a new tutorial on how to create Rustic Bricks from Aluminum Foil. The results are awesome! Check it out and share and like if you love this article like we did! Read More...
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Building a Desert Terrain Table for Malifaux: Part 5 - Cactus and Shrubs
Finally got part 5 done! Sorry for the delay but been really busy. In this part, we put in some desert foliage and dry brush the riverbed. Read More...
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Three 40k Podcasts, One Event
At LVO we had a live Podcast recording between three awesome 40k podcasts. In using our hobby room to do it, I conned them into video recording it live. So I present to you a live studio audience recording with the Independent Characters, Life After the Cover Save and Imperial Vox Cast. Links to their podcast below! Enjoy! Read More...
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