How to Quickly Fix Your Slotted Bases
Knowing When to Airbrush: Starting to Airbrush Part 4
Anyone can airbrush, you just need to get comfortable with how much you airbrush a certain model, and how much you paint brush. Uncle Atom tries to help you out. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Airbrush Cleaning Tips and Tricks!
Earlier today, Brandon decided to do a live stream about airbrush cleaning while he was cleaning our 2 Badger Patriot 105s. Read More...
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EXPERIMENT: Checkered Design Nail Art Stencils for Orkz: Can it Work?
I was on the app "Wish" looking for items that can be used in the hobby. I happened to find a large variety of nail art stencils that can be used on 28mm, 54mm, GW vehicles and more! Read More...
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How to Thin Your Paints : Starting to Airbrush Part 3
Learning to thin and mix your normal acrylic paints so you can use them successfully in an airbrush is a bit difficult, but Atom is here in this video to give you some pointers. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: How To Make A Quick, Easy, and Cheap Airbrush Cleaner!
Here is a tutorial on how to make a quick, easy, and cheap airbrush cleaner. In the shop we mainly use Badger Minitaire Airbrush Cleaner, but we always ru Read More...
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Safety: Starting to Airbrush Part 2
Airbrush safety is an important thing to think about when you're beginning to airbrush. Atom talks about the potential dangers to airbrushing and what you can do. Read More...
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Introduction: Starting to Airbrush Part 1
Due to popular request, Atom tells you the things you need to know when you're thinking about starting to use an airbrush for your miniature wargame painting. Beginners welcome! Read More...
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Selecting a Badger Airbrush and sneak peak at the WGC X-fire
We go over the main three airbrushes that is popular in the WGC community and as well as some other airbrushes from badger that I use for specific jobs. We also have a sneak peak at the WGC X-fire Pistol Grip Airbrush. Read More...
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Glowing Effects with an Airbrush
WGC Next Level Up Director Caleb Wissenback comes at you on how to do glowing effects with an airbrush. This tutorial is done on a Tau Skyray where he makes some of the nodes "glow". Read More...
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Cleaning your Airbrush... the day after....
Cleaning your airbrush a day later!
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How to make miniature Spider WEBS
How to make miniature Spider WEBS by Lester Bursley Read More...
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Painting a Tau XV-8 Crisis Suit Using Pattern Tinting
In this video Chung shows you how to paint a Tau XV-8 using the pattern tinting technique. It's a cool quick trick to making funky looking models using Minitaire Tinnts. Read More...
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