EngineerJeff Live Stream #18.5
New Wargaming Hobby Items From Around the House
There are many household items that you can use to make you a better wargaming hobbyist, and Uncle Atom wants to show you a few. Read More...
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Concerns About Resin Safety - Uncle Atom's Pro Tips
In this pro tip, Uncle Atom talks about working with resin, the dangers, and how to be safe. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Ordering Shapeways Miniatures In The Right Material!
In this video, I explain the situation that lead up to me making this video and I show and compare the materials. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Converting From Paint Pot To Dropper Bottle
Ever accidentally knock over a pot of paint and lose all of it on the table or floor? Feel like your paint pots tend to not last as long as you would like? This video tutorial might be of help to you. Read More...
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Hobby 101 Paint Selection
Another video hits the YouTubes for Engineer Jeff as I talk about some of the paint selection choices I've made during the last 15-16 years of being in the miniature painting hobby. Read More...
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How To Use a Color Wheel - Uncle Atom's Pro Tips
Uncle Atom explains what color wheels are used for and how they can help your miniature wargaming paint jobs. Read More...
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Metalhead Minis: Quick And Dirty Metal- Featuring Ironwind Metals Grills and Grates!
This week on social media, I posted WIPs of the grills and grates that I have painted for Ironwind Metals. People asked us about how the metal was painted. Read More...
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Tips For Beginning Painters - Uncle Atom's Pro Tips
Uncle Atom give you some tips to consider when you start painting wargaming miniatures. Share this with someone you know who's starting out. Read More...
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