No Quarter Prime #01 - Miranda's Superfluous Review
KWIK and E-Z Paint: Painting a Corroded Weapon
Atom shows you a KWIK and E-Z way to paint your weapons to look delightfully corroded and dirty, whether it's for your forces or Nurgle, your undead minions, or anyone else who just doesn't take good care of their swords. Read More...
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Miniature Painting 101: Part 123 - Weathering using Sponges
In this episode, Jay shows how to weather terrain or vehicles using sponges. Read More...
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Warlord Wednesday #72
TemplarsCrusader weathers up a tank from Bolt Action.
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Painting Cracks and Weathering
AJ Thornton is back and this time he's going to show you how to paint on cracks! Check out this latest tutorial from one of our Next Level Up Instructors! Read More...
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hobbyGUY #16: How to Rust Miniatures, Transport, Terrain, Bases - Tutorial
miniGIRL shares the spotlight with hobbyGUY in this episode and hands the torch over to him for this video (she can get more done now with some help!). Read More...
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Realistic Rust with Metal Effects
So let's do some realistic rust effects using Modern Masters Metal Effects. What better way to simulate rust than actually CREATING rust? Ha! Check it out! Read More...
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How to paint rust streaks and grim
Today we are looking at how to paint rust streaks and grim. Read More...
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