Miranda's Tutorial - How to Paint a Khador Battlegroup Starter Box
Getting You Motivated to Get Better
Motivation can be a problem in our hobby, and so can getting better. Uncle Atom can help you to fix both issues! Read More...
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Your Scale for Model Quality | Hobby Talk #4
What scale do you use to judge the quality of models? Let us know! Read More...
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How to Use Your Hobby Procrastination to Make Progress
Procrastination can be tough to deal with, especially in the tabletop wargaming hobby. Uncle Atom can help you with that, and keep your progress in the right direction. Read More...
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Is Airbrushing Cheating? - Starting to Airbrush Part 5
Some people say that using an airbrush to paint your miniatures and get good effects is cheating. Read More...
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The Secret Power of Hobby Meditation
Do you have too much stress in your life? Want it to be reduced? Your miniature wargaming hobby time (building, painting, etc.) could be the answer. Read More...
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Paint and Talk #1 : Back with a New Crew
Back and with anew Crew. Meet Nathan and our Paint and Talk? Series! Read More...
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Don't Listen to Paint Job Bullies
A bit of a rant: Atom got a message from a viewer and it made him pretty angry, and he tells you why. Read More...
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What Happens After Hitting Your 'Paint Plateau?'
As you improve your painting skill through practice and learning and more practice, most people find that they reach a skill 'plateau' where they stop seeing big improvements. That's actual where something interesting happens. Uncle Atom explains. Read More...
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Fighting 'New Model' Failure - Uncle Atom's Pro Tips
Why do new models seem to fail? Is it math, something mental, or something else? Uncle Atom has some answers. Mostly. Read More...
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Is There a Real Future in Pre-painted Minis?
We're seeing more pre-painted minis on the market, and some sell very well. But is there any real future in those kinds of models? Read More...
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Can You Have Too Many Hobbies?
Here's something I've learned from having many different interests over the years and the same 24 hours a day that the rest of you have. Check it out. Read More...
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Why Don't You Just Start?
Uncle Atom goes on a little bit of a tear (sorry) and tells you why you need to start NOW when it comes to your hobby. Turn off your TV! Read More...
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