Behind the Scenery Live - Studio Session
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PVA Pro Tips for Terrain Builders!
Everything I've learned about PVA for wargames terrain and scenery building in the last 5 years of being TTT. Yep, all my secret tips for gluing, gritting, flocking and sealing. I hope it helps you with your hobby folks! Read More...
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Unappealing Bases on Terrain - Hobby Talk #3
Does the bases on terrain not irk you like it does me? If it does you, how do you fix that? Let us know! Read More...
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Is Airbrushing Cheating? - Starting to Airbrush Part 5
Some people say that using an airbrush to paint your miniatures and get good effects is cheating. Read More...
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Miniature Painting 101: Part 139 - Dirty Tank Treads
In this episode, Jay shows how to paint Dirty Tank Treads without pigments or an airbrush. Read More...
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Test of Honor- The Yagyu Clan
In our first Test of Honor video, Coach does a quick paint of the models from the starter set. Not my best work, but I wanted to get some painted models onto the table. I am calling them the Yagyu Clan. Read More...
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Let's Make - Field Tents (Battlefield Basics Series)
In this tutorial, I take you through making field tents, including tips on making the frame, the best materials to use for canvas and techniques to stiffen up your materials to withstand gameplay. Read More...
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Painting Live
Let's do some painting tonight! Just an impromptu live painting sessions with Malifaux Death Marshalls. Read More...
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The Secret Power of Hobby Meditation
Do you have too much stress in your life? Want it to be reduced? Your miniature wargaming hobby time (building, painting, etc.) could be the answer. Read More...
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Model Tent Substructures
This video covers a few different substructure techniques for making paper towel / babywipe tents. I cover tips for creating A frames, show you a clever trick for creating complicated pole tents and a simple cheap way of creating custom structures. Read More...
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Miniature Painting 101: Part 138 - Small Orky Teef
In this episode, Jay shows how to quickly paint smaller orky teef. Read More...
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Paint and Talk #1 : Back with a New Crew
Back and with anew Crew. Meet Nathan and our Paint and Talk? Series! Read More...
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Let's Make - Cheap & Easy Wargaming Log Bunkers
In this tutorial, I take you through making log bunkers, a common Japanese defensive position found throughout the pacific theatre and in other theatre's around the whole. Read More...
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