How to Quickly Fix Your Slotted Bases
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How to Paint a Reaper Bones Owlbear
Greetings modelers! In this tutorial I'm painting a Reaper Bones Owlbear. This model was fun to paint! Read More...
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Wall Vine Foliage for Terrain | Silflor Mininatur | Product Review
Wonder how I do those cool wall vine foliage on some of my terrain? Here's my ancient Chinese secret. I cheat! Read More...
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Lava Terrain
A detailed look at the lava table I created. Read More...
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How to Quickly Paint Shadespire Bases - Painting With the Pro
It's the triumphant return of award winning pro-painter Sam Lenz to Tabletop Minions. He'll be showing you how to quickly make a great paint job on the bases of the Sepulchral Guard models for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. Read More...
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How to Paint a Deathguard Poxwalker (Table Top Standard)
In this tutorial, Jay shows how he painted up a Death Guard Poxwalker. Read More...
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Miniature Painting 101: Part 142 - Painting (Wet) Turtle Shells Quickly
In this episode, Jay shows a quick method to paint a semi-realistic turtle shell. Read More...
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What is Miniature Wargaming?
What is Miniature Wargaming? Here's a video explaining this addictive hobby of ours. Share it if someone need it to be explained. Sharing is caring! Read More...
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Where to Find Great Wargaming Stuff to 3D Print?
So you're interested in 3D printing cool terrain for your tabletop battlefield. But where can you find the great designs that are right for you? Read More...
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10 MDF Terrain Pro Tips!
Here's my top ten pro tips for MDF terrain kits that I've learned from all the builds I've done in the past 5 years as a commission terrain artist working for the companies who make the laser cut kits. Read More...
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Miniature Painting 101: Part 141 - Cold and Clean Treads
In this episode, Jay shows how to accomplish a clean, blue tint on treads. Read More...
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Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol - Is it worth it for modelling?
Putting Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol through the terrain lab process. Does it help seal in your grit, ballast and flock? Firm up your clump foliage? Is it better than traditional flow aids? Or is it a case of posh modelling? Read More...
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How to Use Your Hobby Procrastination to Make Progress
Procrastination can be tough to deal with, especially in the tabletop wargaming hobby. Uncle Atom can help you with that, and keep your progress in the right direction. Read More...
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