No Quarter Prime #02 - Miranda's Superfluous Review
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How Do You Improve Your Miniatures Painting?
Sure, everyone wants to paint better, but how to you actually do it? Atom tries to give you a framework to help you improve and make #lesscrappyminis Read More...
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Unqualified Painting Critique by Miranda and Dan
In response to people sending me facebook pictures of their painted miniatures, Dan and I are going to give our very unqualified critiques. Enjoy! Read More...
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My Big 2'x2' Board Lie!
It's time to confess! Yes, my 2'x2' boards aren't 2'x2'! But there's a couple of damn good reasons why! Read More...
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Why Don't You Just Start?
Uncle Atom goes on a little bit of a tear (sorry) and tells you why you need to start NOW when it comes to your hobby. Turn off your TV! Read More...
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Modeling Smoke Damage on MDF Buildings
As requested, how I did the smoke damage on the Tuft War Z buildings. I cover how I did it with an airbrush and also take you through how to do it with a spray primer and also with a brush and your thumb! Enjoy Terrainiacs! Read More...
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Simple Zombie Apocalypse MDF Building Painting Techniques
In this video, I take you through the whole process of converting and painting the urban zombie apocalypse buildings. Read More...
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Experiments in Plate Decking
Some inspiration and experimentation on making deck plating.
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Concerns About Resin Safety - Uncle Atom's Pro Tips
In this pro tip, Uncle Atom talks about working with resin, the dangers, and how to be safe. Read More...
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Terrain Lab - Artex, a new terrain render?
Hot off our interview with Dave Marshall, we put his preferred terrain render Artex through a terrain lab to see how it stands up. In short, really well! Read More...
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What's Your Story - Gamer Chatter
In this Gamer Chatter video, share your story! Gaming has a deeper meaning for some of us bringing us some great personal stories. Tell us yours. Read More...
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How to use a chop saw to make a basic vent #2
Using a chop saw to make vents!
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Making Urban Wargaming Boards
In this video, I take you through the whole process of creating the urban zombie apocalypse boards I did for the Turf War Z project Read More...
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